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Video of factoids of the ocean gone viral

The ocean is one of the strangest and creepiest places on earth, with the endless borders and full of unknown animals. Without a doubt, most people have a fear of large water bodies; but there is one young man who has defied all odds for his passion for marine life.

John Dombrowski is a freshman student from Cornell University pursuing marine biology. Well, for a marine biology student, he finds pleasure in showcasing the ocean and its creatures on TikTok. TikTok is a video-sharing online platform. He has over 900k viewers due to his fascinating posts.

Most of his content is on marine life. Some of the topics in his videos include ”Horrible ways to die in the ocean”, ”ocean facts that will make you feel really small”. In one of the videos, he explains about some of the animals that can kill you in under 2 minutes.

He has had a massive following of over 1.1 million followers on TikTok. John told Daily Sun the reason as to why he chose to share is because of his passion for marine biology, and that is what he does best.”I can’t dance; I ‘m not hot,I  cant do the thirst traps or whatever”, he explained. One of his most viewed videos has over 7.8 million views. Due to his massive following, he is using the impact to advocate for keeping the ocean free from pollution.

He is also working with a recycling company that uses litter in the ocean to make bracelets. He also says that fame has caused a drastic change in his life, with the videos being viewed worldwide. He has posted over 300 videos on his TikTok account.

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