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Why emotional intelligence is key to success in life

How well do you understand your emotions? How do you respond to other people’s feelings? How do you motivate yourself even when your energy levels don’t allow?

A well-educated person who cannot hold his emotions together is called ‘an educated fool’.

A person with an excellent emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is more likely to succeed than a person with a high IQ.

EQ is the ability to understand, accept and manage one’s emotions and feelings. It requires knowing and understanding yourself well. It also involves understanding other people’s feelings, emotions, moods, reactions, and being empathetic towards them.

EQ also involves developing excellent social skills such as creating good interpersonal relationships, solving conflicts, and building teams.

EQ skills come with ways of identifying internal motivators. These motivators drive a person to achieve their goals without any external pressure. It helps a person to set goals and achieve them within a set period.

 Importance of emotional intelligence

Success: People who have their EQ skills in place move up the corporate ladder swiftly. This is because they are confident; they understand their lives well and are willing to work on their weaknesses. They know how to deal with procrastination and are driven by their goals.

Building good relationships: Self-awareness and social skills enhances good interpersonal skills hence creating better relationships with people.

Mental wellness: Emotional intelligence helps to curb stress, depression, mood swings, and anxiety.

Solving conflicts: Good EQ skills help a person to solve personal differences without any form of bias. The ability to understand other peoples’ emotions helps in building and applying empathy.


Emotional Intelligence skills are learned and developed. These skills help a person to make decisions without emotional bias.

Investing in your emotional wellness will lead to a happy and less stressful life. It also helps you to identify and work on your fears.

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