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Why the ketogenic diet is best for you

It is also referred to as the keto diet, which is a diet of high-fat, low-carbs, and adequate-protein. The main objective is to get more fat from carbs and calories from protein. This diet works by exhausting the body of its stored sugar, so it begins to break down fat and protein for energy, thus triggering ketosis as well as weight loss. Atkins diet is a prevalent version of the ketogenic diet.

These are some of the main benefits of a ketogenic diet:

Reduces acne

Acne has many different causes; one of them could be related to blood sugar and food. A highly processed and refined carbohydrate diet can alter gut bacteria and cause irregular blood sugar fluctuations, and both can have effects on skin health. So, if you lower your carbs intake, it’s evident a keto diet will reduce cases of acne.

Weight loss

Turning fat into energy takes more effort than turning carbs into energy. This is why a keto diet is best for speeding up weight loss. Due to the high protein in the diet, it keeps full for a more extended period, unlike other foods.

Improves heart-health

When the keto diet is followed in a healthy manner – which reflects avocados as healthier fats than pork rinds, the chances are that the diet will reduce cholesterol and as a result, improve heart health. Good cholesterol (HDL) levels increase significantly in people following a ketogenic diet, while bad cholesterol (LDL) levels reduce dramatically.

Reduces the risk of cancer

The ketogenic diet has recently been studied on how it can help in the prevention or even treatment of some cancers. One of these studies found that the keto diet could be a complementary treatment to chemotherapy as well as radiation in individuals who have cancer cells. This follows the fact that the keto diet would result in more oxidative stress in the cancer cells than normal cells.

Additionally, since ketogenic diets help in reducing high blood sugar, it could also minimize insulin complications, which may be connected with certain cancers.

Reduces seizures

It is believed that a combination of fat, carbs, and protein alters how the body uses energy, thus resulting in ketosis – an elevated level of ketone bodies in the blood. Ketosis can potentially cause a reduction in seizures in epileptic people. More investigation and studies are underway on how effective this might be, but it seems more effective on children with focal seizures.

The information here is only the beginning of knowing what a keto diet is all about. There are more benefits, but for now, you can explore further about this diet and find how it can be of help to you or someone you know.

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