Huyu ndio wa 600 million? Flamboyant Kenyan homosexual Robbetah shows off his new lover

The last time he popped up on my radar it was because of some allegation he had levelled against a man he claimed was his former lover. I decided Mpasho was not going to carry the story because we do not out individuals still in the closet. But Robettah is back. 

The flamboyant homosexual socialite had hitherto given an interview to Nairobian about how he only ever gets involved with bum drillers who have 600 million shillings in their account. Yep, if your inclination is for the sewerage battalion, then you have to have a cool 600 million to get with Robettah.

And he apparently found someone who either convinced him to lower his standards or meets them Whatever the case may be, he shared a photo of himself with a man presumably his lover. And before you go about whining about my perceived hypocrisy, the Caucasian man in question is open about his lifestyle choices.

Isn’t love a beautiful thing?

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