Olive Gachara defends herself against the paymodelske accusations

The hashtag #paymodelske has been trending and it probably will be for a while. Why you ask? The millennial age is sick and tired of being used and not being paid in the name exposure.

All delayed payments made to couture Africa talent have not been out of malice nor discrimination and the magazine is committed to refining our payment structures. #BeBetterDoBetter #PayModelsKE #AskOlive

She went on to say:

Trying to keep up… But a point of clarification… As per the Couture Africa statement, all models have been paid, and those who haven’t should reach out. We have been trying to contact quite a number since January with little success. #PayModelsKE #AskOlive

We stand with the models because at the end of the day we all deserve to be paid and pay your dues.

Source – mpasho.co.ke