Wezi Hatari! Thugs Dig Zari’s Ex Husband Ivan Semwanga’s Grave To Steal Money He Was Buried With (PHOTOS)


Ivan Semwanga aka Ivan ‘Don, the ex-husband of Zari Hassan passed away in May this year after he suffered a stroke. Semwanga was admitted to Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa where he died while undergoing treatment.

Ivan Semwanga

Ivan, who was the CEO of Rich Gang left behind three sons. He was laid to rest on 31st May in his ancestral home in Nakaliro village in Kayunga district, Uganda.

Zari Hassan
Zari sitting on Ivan Semwanga’s grave

Before the burial, Rich Gang members and Ivan Semwanga’s friends popped bottles and threw money in his grave as a memoir to his norm of throwing money while alive.

This shocked many and security guards were deployed at the homestead to guard the grave for fear of the body being exhumed and the expensive coffin stolen or locals digging the grave to get the money.

According to various media reports, the security guards left due to lack of payment after the family failed to owner their promise. They had promised to pay them Ug Sh1 million (Kes28,000 ) per month but only paid 600,000 (Kes 17,000) thus leaving the job giving thugs a chance to maneuver in the compound.

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And recently, thugs dug up Ivan Semwanga’s grave hoping to collect the cash he was buried with but unfortunately, they were interrupted by dogs which started barking alarming neigbours.

Here are the photos


Ivan Semwanga



Source – mpasho.co.ke