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5 reasons you need a website in 2020

Do you have a website for your business? If you answered no, your business is non-existent. In the wake of social media buzz and technology, potential clients and existing ones look for information on the internet.

It must be brand-differentiating, sales increasing, lead catching, and professionally designed website.

A website is not only your digital portfolio; it plays the role of a business card. Here is why you need one from 2020 going forward.

1.Improves your online presence

Of the world population, 47% of people are online daily. They are buying from e-commerce websites, sharing on social platforms, or finding information.

As the world increasingly becomes dependent on technology, the number is expected to soar high. With the burgeoning number of mobile phones globally, the number of people on the internet will continue increasing each year.

In case you own a business without a website, you are decreasing its chance of income creation.

Did you know that over half of the global population is already buying from online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Presently, people understand the importance of online presence.

Consumers are having a field day as items they need are delivered at their doorstep by purchasing them online.

2.Build your enterprise

With internet growth, a website has become a necessity for a business to thrive. Do you want to tell a story and showcase your content to many people? If yes, then a website is the best tool that will help you share your story. Through the web, you can share your journey with clients on your goals, the reason for starting the business, and what you plan to accomplish.

Moreover, you get more customers because of the ability it offers you to highlight your expertise and experience. You may go as far as creating a career page, which helps in acquiring a team of individuals to assist in getting people who will help you run a business.

3. An efficient method to promote business

In a forward going world where social media is taking companies at an incredible pace, using traditional methods of marketing is a waste of money, time, and valuable resources. Some of the old ways of doing business include flyers, print ads, and press releases.

It is not uncommon to see business people still indulging in traditional methods. However, you need to factor in the costs involved. Apart from being expensive, you won’t reach a lot of people. Furthermore, it’s unsustainable as the posters, press releases, prints ads, and flyers end up in trash can.

On the other hand, online marketing has proven to be affordable, effective, and faster. Even with the necessary techniques, without a website, you cannot use online marketing efficiently as all the applied methods eventually fall short.

Some of the commonly used tools online that aid in driving traffic to your website are:

  • E-mail marketing-As compared to Facebook, this method is more effective if you want to get many customers.
  • Blogging-Blogging more every month creates more lead generation, making your business stand out from its peers.
  • Social Media-A majority of the world using the internet are mostly on social media.
  • Video Embedding – a video on your home page delivers your message faster about the content you have as marketers say it increases the conversion rates.

The beauty of online marketing is the sustainability it offers. Content doesn’t go to waste as you can reuse it once updated.

4. Increase in sales

As a business owner, getting sales depends on the number of people visiting your page. That’s where a website comes in handy. Consistent promotion and updating content on your site drive more traffic your way. An informative site increases your business way better as compared to a dormant one.

5. Makes your brand professional

Forget about getting a massive following before you can work on your brand. Before launching your business, work on your brand in a way that it appeals to your potential clients.

A formidable brand gives any business identity. In turn, customers get to know the basics of the business.

A website is the first step to making your business increase as:

  • Any professionally created website proves the level of seriousness of any business.
  • Through a number of the available online channels, you can share seamlessly.
  • Online users can easily find your brand with website optimization.
  • The homepage of the website makes the brand proposition centre and front.

You may decide to forego utilizing a website because of the costs involved. However, an efficient site that will play the part of taking your businesses places needs an investment.

The good thing is, the return of used money is inevitable; hence, making a website an investment in the end.



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