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KCSE candidate destroys police car as he escapes exam

A KCSE candidate in Kiambu County on Thursday, April 8, destroyed a police vehicle as he ran away from an examination centre.

A police report seen by journalists shows that the incident took place at Karigu-ini Mixed Secondary School, where the candidate declined to be frisked before starting an exam paper of the day, which was CRE Paper 1.

According to the officer manning the exam centre, the student did have a facemask, and upon asking the boy the reason, he got confrontational.

The boy is said to have then started hurling abuse words to the officer, causing a commotion.

The scene brought the examination exercise to a standstill for a while, with another officer walking into the room to find out what the issue was.

When the other officer got to the examination room, the student fled, where he was reported to have picked up a stone on his way out of the compound and hit the windscreen of a police land cruiser parked outside.

The police report further revealed that the candidate managed to get away from the centre, causing destruction.

However, the officers at the exam centre managed to restore normalcy in the school, with the other candidates managing to sit for the paper in time.

Cases of KCSE candidates acting out during the exam time have been reported in various parts of the country.

Two days ago, a nervous KCSE candidate attempted to run away from the exam room during the administration of the Mathematics Paper 2 test.

The school principal then ran after the nervous student and caught him near the school fence.

He then gave him a cup of milk to “calm his nerves,” after which he persuaded him to finish the paper.

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