Home News 70 year old man chops off his private parts over cheating allegations

70 year old man chops off his private parts over cheating allegations

A 70 year old man in Kericho County is in a critical state after he used a kitchen knife to chop off his private parts. He did so after his wife and children accused him of infidelity.

The incident happened in Chepkochun village in Getarwet, Bureti Constituency. Residents of the village are still in shock.

Relatives of the 70year-old say they had suspicions that he was engaging in extra marital affairs. This is because the old man has been spending a lot of money that he earns from his tea farm. They claimed that their relative was spending money on other women yet he had abandoned his own family.

The 70-year-old allegedly leased part of his land and used the money to construct a house for a woman in the village.

When his wife questioned him, the man allegedly rebuked her and continued with his extra marital affairs.

The incident

Angered by his relatives’ accusation, the 70-year-old went to the kitchen, sharpened a knife and headed to his bedroom. He then locked himself inside.

“He locked himself in his bedroom and chopped off his private parts using a kitchen knife after the wife and children confronted him over his affairs,” Sylvester Sigey, the Getarwet chief said.

Moments later, the old man screamed for help. His wife rushed to the bedroom to see what was happening. On reaching the bedroom, she found the man bleeding profusely and writhing in pain.

Neighbors rushed to the house to see what was happening.They rushed him to AIC Litein Hospital. While at the hospital, Bureti Sub-County Police Commander Felicia Nafula and Deputy County Commissioner Alfet Jillo went to see him.

Doctors at AIC Litein Hospital prepared him for surgery. The surgery was an attempt to restore the organ he had chopped off.

This incident comes days after the case of a lawyer whose hands were chopped off succumbed to his injuries.

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