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Africa hits grim milestone in COVID-19 infections

Africa has surpassed 100,000 COVID-19 infections as the illness takes root in the continent.

The number of cases in the continent had hit 100,087 as of today morning (Saturday, May 23, 2020).

The number of deaths has also been rising steadily, with 3,097 people dying from COVID-19. Recoveries from the virus have hit 39,345.

Countries with the highest infections, deaths

South Africa leads the continent in terms of infections, having confirmed 20,125 cases, with 397 people dying. However, North Africa has a higher death toll against confirmed cases.

Egypt has 15,003 cases, with deaths at 696 while Algeria has more grave figures, reporting 575 deaths from 7,728 cases.

The infections in Africa have been growing as WHO warned against early predictions of how the disease would spread here.

Slow infection rate, but still…

The spread of COVID-19 in many African countries has been slow, with many countries yet to report a surge in infections that would collapse their health systems.

However, WHO Africa warned that the continent would still face up to 250 million COVID-19 infections in 12 months. Deaths would also be high, with close to 200,000 people dying in the first year alone.

Many African countries took early precautions and that many have been a factor in helping the disease spread slower in the continent. However, as many countries across the world have shown us, the virus is merely getting started.

With a vaccine still a long way off, and with many countries thinking of loosening restrictions, the threat of a deadlier second wave looms.


Thus, health experts called on African countries to boost their health capacity at this time when they still have a chance. So far, Senegal has emerged as a shining light of this, pledging a bed for every COVID-19 patient.

The mark-up in infections, however, does not negate the fact that many African countries are doing more to fight the virus. So far, three countries in Africa have declared themselves virus free. That’s promising.



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