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Africa crosses 4.5 million COVID cases

The number of COVID-19 cases in Africa has crossed 4.5 million as infections continue to soar across various countries in the continent.

According to Elephant.info, the confirmed number of COVID-19 infections across the continent now stands at 4,505,777.

Recoveries, however, continue to rise too, with 4,041,376 recoveries reported as of now, a recovery rate of 89.8 %. That is among the highest worldwide. Deaths keep growing fast, however, with fatalities crossing 120,000, now at 120,133.

South Africa leads

South Africa continues to be the African country with the highest infection, reporting over 1.58 million cases. But, it is also seeing record low infections not seen since October 2020.

On Monday, it reported just 849 new cases, with a seven-day average of 1,258. That is good news considering just four months ago, they were averaging over 15,000 cases a week.

Morocco is second, with over 509,000 confirmed cases. Just like South Africa, Morocco is also seeing low infections averaging 1,300 a week, down from over 4,000 five months back. Morocco is also the African country to have vaccinated the most people – over 8.94 million doses given.

Tunisia surge, Ethiopia’s relief

Tunisia is third, with over 302,000 confirmed cases. Unlike the first two countries, though, Tunisia is currently undergoing a surge in cases, reporting an average of 2,081 cases in the week ending 26th April. Cases have been rising in the country since 22nd March and are still pushing upwards in what is Tunisia’s third wave of infections.

Ethiopia is fourth with over 253,000 confirmed cases. The country is the hardest hit in Eastern Africa region. It is coming off a deadly second wave that saw infections surge since February. However, the infections have been dropping since they peaked in early April.

Wrapping up the five hardest-hit countries in Africa is Egypt, which has reported over 224,000 COVID cases. Egypt is seeing a steady rise in cases, though the graphs are not steep as it would be in a surge.

Kenya is eighth in the hardest-hit countries in Africa, with over 156,000 cases.

Vaccination on the continent remains low, raising fears of more infections. Despite having 16 % of the world’s population, the continent has received only 2% of the COVID vaccines.

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