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Africa tops 1.2 million COVID cases, infections stabilising

COVID cases in Africa has topped 1.2 million as infections appear to stabilise.

Over the past few weeks, the rate of infections across the continent has dropped.

Recoveries and active cases

Recoveries in Africa have topped 960,000, while deaths have topped 29,000.

Thus, active cases across the continent stand at slightly above 238,000.

While there have been calls for caution against early predictions of bending the curve, there are positive signs that Africa is hitting the peak of the first wave.

South Africa

South Africa, Africa’s hardest hit country, has reported over 620,000 cases and over 14,400 deaths.

Infections in South Africa have dipped greatly. From a high of over 12,000 cases a day a few weeks back, the country now has 2000 cases a day, on average.


Egypt, Africa’s second hardest-hit country, has over 98,000 cases. The country has seen the curve almost flatten.

The move towards 100,000 has been very slow, with infections now down to a few hundreds a day from above 1000. The country was the first to confirm a COVID case in Africa.

Morocco is third, with over 58,000 confirmed cases, while Nigeria is fourth with over 53,000 cases.

Ethiopia is fifth, having also seen a spike in recent weeks, and now has over 48,000 confirmed cases.

Ghana is sixth, with 43,949 cases, while Algeria has 43,404.

Kenya is eighth, with over 33,000 cases.  Kenya has also seen a drop in prevalence rate. Cameroon has over 19,000 cases, while Cote D’Ivoire wraps up the ten worst-hit countries in Africa with over 17,500 confirmed cases.

Caution against early celebration

Despite the drop in cases, caution is that the continent is still not testing enough.

Africa CDC head, John Nkengasong, said that there was need to be cautious but still acknowledged the positive steps.

“It’s very, very early, we’re dealing with a very delicate virus that spreads very quickly but it’s important to recognise those slight tendencies that are positive.” Dr Nkengasong told journalists last week.

The pandemic has now hastened the push for better health systems across the continent.

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