Effects of Climate Change to Africa


Africa is one of the vulnerable continents to changes in climatic conditions than any other part of the world. Several changes that have recently occurred in weather patterns show that Africa will be hit by intense climate change. The main consequences of these changes are:

1.Millions of people in Africa depend on rainfall to grow their food. Therefore most of them will suffer from lack of enough or excessive rainfall that will kill lives and destroy crops.

2.The recent changes in climate on land-based projects will suffer as a result of decreasing rainfall in Africa. Mostly, the fall in rain intensity is experienced in both North Africa and Southern Africa.

3.The capacity of adapting to climate change is very low since governments do not prioritize the changes; hence, poverty levels increase.

Sahara is the largest desert in the world and has deep layers of intense heating on earth. In June and July, this year, vast amounts of dust storms filled the air in Khartoum Sudan with fine particles that interfere with monsoon winds. The amount of rainfall across the Sahel between the 1960s and 1980 reduced to 30% and led to famine and deaths. Generally, there is no other part in the world that has ever documented such a long period of drought.
Currently, South Africa is experiencing a delay in onset and early drying of summer months, which in the future decades will worsen. Also, countries like Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia are having high temperatures of up to five degrees, which is intolerably hot.

Tanzania and Kenya have not been left behind since the normal short rains expected from March to May start late and end earlier hence leading to a decrease in the amount of rainfall. Besides, all over Africa, there is an increase in carbon emission from industries, which leads to corrosion of the Ozone layer hence leading to global warming.

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