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Ethiopia PM, Abiy Ahmed, declares victory over TPLF

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has declared victory over the Tigray People Liberation Front in Tigray area.

In a statement, Ahmed said that the federal government was entirely in control of Mekelle, the capital of Tigray region. He said that this was the last phase of the offensive, with police also arresting TPLF members.

Secured the town of Mekelle

In the statement, Ahmed said that the Ethiopia National Defense Forces had secured the Northern Command camp. They had also managed to secure the release of Northern Command Leaders whom TPLF had taken hostage.
They had also managed to take control of other facilities such as airports, public institutions, among others.

Abiy Ahmed, despite his continued offensive, has come under criticism for how he has handled the conflict. Ahmed had refused to listen to outside intervention on the war. He said that he would only seek outside help if they felt like they needed it. Furthermore, he also ruled out any form of dialogue with the Tigray leaders in the absence of surrender from them.

Furthermore, reports from correspondents in Mekelle say that while TPLF had withdrawn from the city, they had vowed to return. There were also reports that there were still ongoing fire exchange and sporadic fighting in some parts of Mekelle.

A month of conflict

The conflict in Ethiopia started in early November after TPLF raided an Ethiopia Defense Forces camp. The insurgency saw Abiy Ahmed imposed a state of emergency in the Tigray region. The government cut all communication and internet access to the area. This move led to fears that atrocities in the area would then go unreported.

The conflict has led to the massive displacement of people, with many making their way to Sudan. Sudan has acted admirably, welcoming all the Ethiopian refugees and providing them with camps. Currently, Sudan has more than 43,000 refugees from Ethiopia, escaping the fighting in Tigray.

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