European Union Delegation praises Uganda’s elections


The European Union has said that it is impressed by the manner in which Uganda has conducted its elections.

Speaking to the media, Head of the European Union Delegation in Uganda, Amb Atillio Pacifici, said the elections had high organizational and peaceful conduct levels.

‘Well-organised exercise’

“We saw an extremely well-organized election exercise, and people were very orderly and waiting to cast their votes… We are impressed… the Electoral Commission’s presiding officers were very professional,” Pacifici said.

Pacifici spoke on Friday at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds, where the Electoral Commission had set a tallying centre for parliamentary election results.

Pacifici also expressed joy that so many young and well-educated Ugandans had been part of the electoral process.

No election monitors

However, the European Union did not send out election monitors, as had been the case. Part of the cause for that was because the Ugandan government had not implemented recommendations EU Observers had made in the past polls. Thus, they made a diplomatic watch.

A diplomatic watch sees diplomatic staff from different embassies going to see how the elections proceeds. They will, however, not give formal observation of the elections.

Bobi Wine disputes results

This EU praise comes even as Presidential candidate, Bobi Wine, disputes the results. Bobi Wine said on Friday that the results were a fabrication. According to the poll results, Museveni has taken the lead, with more than sixty per cent of the counted votes.

However, Bobi Wine has claimed that some polling stations had pre-marked ballot boxes. He also alleged voter intimidation and said he would avail evidence once the internet was back up in Uganda.

The Electoral Commission has called on Bobi Wine to provide evidence of fraud in the voting exercise. EC Chair Simon Byabakama called on Bobi Wine to show how the released results did not follow the Result Declaration Form.

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