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Kenyan drivers warned against using South Sudan highway

The government of Kenya has warned its drivers against using the Juba-Yei highway after a fatal attack occurred last week.

In the attack, Kenyan trucks were set ablaze, and drivers were killed in Juba-Yei highway, South Sudan.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it would seek assurances from Juba and asked drivers to avoid using the road in the meantime.

“The Government of Kenya is concerned by the rising number of attacks against Kenyans and their interests in South Sudan,” reads the statement, referring to Yei-Juba highway, a major road linking South Sudan to its East African neighbours, Kenya and Uganda.

The ministry further directed the Kenyans in distress across South Sudan to urgently seek consular assistance from the embassy in Juba, adding that it was constantly reviewing the evolving situation and would provide periodic updates and advice on the security situation.

The ministry also assured that it was working closely with the government of South Sudan to see to it that Kenyan interests are protected and that perpetrators of attacks against Kenyans are brought to book immediately they are identified.

Earlier on, the Kenya Transporters Association had expressed their concerns on the clashes involving Kenyan trucks and drivers being brutally killed.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the murders of innocent drivers, wounding of the passengers and setting ablaze the five trucks which occurred between (Ganjilanya County), 65KM to Juba and Kulipa which is 58 KM to Juba on Yei-Juba Road in South Sudan,” the association noted.

The transporters body also called on its members to withdraw their services from South Sudan immediately until the security issue was addressed and they were assured of their safety.

Yei is a small town bordering Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and it is a business hub that attracts Kenya, Uganda, and DRC.

Yei is a medium-sized city bordering Uganda and DRC. It is a business hub attracting traders from Kenya, Uganda, and DRC.

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