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Protests break out in Ethiopia over the murder of an artist

Ethnic tensions have risen in Ethiopia following the murder of Hachalu Hundessa, a prominent singer.

According to News Agency, AFP, three people were killed and several others critically injured in protests following the death of Hundessa.

Hundessa, who hit fame in Ethiopia for his political songs, had become a voice for the Oromo people.

AFP said that the artist died after being shot on Monday night.

Shot in Addis Ababa

Hundessa, 34, was at the country’s capital, Addis Ababa when he met his untimely death.

Because of the widespread unrest, the government shut down the internet in Addis Ababa.

News sources in Ethiopia said that protesters then turned out in large numbers at the city’s Capital from the ‘surrounding region, snarling roads with stones and blocking traffic.’

Furthermore, the AFP reported that violence took place in the town of Adama, with security forces shooting people, according to a surgeon in the town.

Three dead in protests

“There are a lot of casualties, most of them are bullet injuries. Three patients died and there are still critical patients,” The doctor told AFP.

Furthermore, he also revealed that they had 10 more patients with burn injuries. The patients revealed that unknown people had burnt their homes.

PM Abiy’s statement

Ethiopia’s PM, Ahmed Abiy, condemned the killing of Hundessa, calling him ‘a magnificent and vibrant artist.’

“To all the people of our country: We have lost a precious life. Since the death of this magnificent and vibrant young artist, I wish for comfort for all of us who are in deep sorrow.” Abiy tweeted

He said that he was awaiting full police investigation into the matter.

“We are awaiting an investigation report. We are at a time when we are keenly aware of the magnitude of the action and focus on activities in our country. May we express our grief by protecting ourselves and preventing further crimes.”

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