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Sudan’s refugee camp to Ethiopias war victims doubles its capacity

It has been weeks and weeks of turmoil for Ethiopian citizens due to the ongoing civil war that has arisen. The conflict between the national government of Ethiopia and the Tigray region arose after the change in leadership and reforms that brought about a vast difference in the government.

Prime Minister Abiy Mohammed has been on the move in paving the way for the new reforms. Still, the Tigray region has been undermining the same as they claim that they have been in power for over 27 years, a title they do not want to be ripped off due to the government’s new changes.

After being at loggerheads with the Tigray region, the government decided to be patient, but this was seen as a sign of weakness by the TPLF. They went ahead to conduct their elections, which posed a security threat to the country. The Prime Minister had since sent military troops to the region when the wake of civil war arose.

Ethiopians have lost their loved ones and their homes. Most of them have sought refuge in Sudan. Umm, Rakouba camp has housed over 5000 refugees since the war began. The United Nations refugee agency has, however, reported that it is already overcapacity. Since the conflict started on November 4, more than 40,000 people have arrived in Sudan searching for protection.

Organizations have made efforts to ensure that more camping areas are being established. The Prime Minister has given a 72-hour ultimatum to Tigrayan leaders to surrender. He has also warned the residents to stay indoors. The refugees rarely hear of what is happening back at home, and their only plea is that they only want to see peace restored.

”The country has no peace. It makes me so sad. You see one tribe killing another, it is so sad”, said a refugee in the camp. The conflict has destabilized Ethiopia and the neighbouring countries. Abiy Mohammed has rejected any international interference in the war.

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