The harrowing crisis of COVID-19 to Kenyans according to Infotrak


A survey by data company, Infotrak, has revealed that 87% of Kenyans are struggling to feed their families during this lockdown period.

The survey was taken from 1,200 samples, who Infotrak interviewed between May 28 and June 2. The interview was through the phone.

In the new survey that the research company did, a further 67% could not adequately pay for their utilities such as water and electricity.

Furthermore, 78% of Kenyans found news on COVID-19 stressful and alarming.

Loss of income

The lockdown across the country saw many Kenyans lose their jobs. This was because companies downsized so that they could stay afloat.

Thus, a majority of the Kenyans who Infotrak interviewed said that the cost of living had soared. 68% were unable to buy charcoal, kerosene and gas.

“The bottom line is with increasing unemployment, underemployment, threats to job security and salary cuts, most Kenyans have increasingly come to terms with the economic impact of the pandemic,” Infotrak revealed.


A further breakdown of the poll revealed that 54% of Kenyans who had retained employment were still facing financial challenges due to reduced salaries. Additionally, 47% of Kenyans were getting their food from donations or well-wishers.

Additionally, from this survey, the number of Kenyans who saw the illness as a health crisis was still low.

That is despite the number of people viewing this as a health crisis rising from 8% to 16% according to Infotrak.

The pandemic had hit many Kenyans harder on the financial end since March 13th, when Kenya confirmed its first case.

Accelerating infections

The situation in Kenyan is only getting worse though, as Infotrak has shown. Yesterday, the country reported its highest jump in COVID-19 cases – 260 new infections.

The WHO also revealed that infections were accelerating across the world.

However, there is still growing hope that come July 7th, the President would lift restrictions. This would allow Kenyans to go back to hustling without curfews and movement restrictions.

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