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Uganda decides: Elections underway after delay

Early on Thursday morning, Uganda people set out to cast their votes in the high-stake elections as Kaguta Museveni seeks to retain his seat.

After a delay in some polling stations, voting is currently underway in the ‘Pearl of Africa.’

Bobi Wine, Museveni d-day

Bobi Wine will cast his vote at Magere village, one of the areas hit by ballot boxes’ delayed arrival. Magere village is in Wakiso District, where Bobi Wine enjoys massive support. He also has an enormous base in Kamwokya slum, where he grew up.

Museveni will be vying on an NRM (National Resistance Movement) party, while Bobi Wine is vying on a NUP (National Unity Platform) Party.

Some 18 million Ugandans are eligible to vote in the elections, each voting in one of the 35,000 available polling stations.

Museveni, who has lorded over the country for the past 36 years, will be up against his most formidable opponent, yet, Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine.

A large following

Bobi Wine, a singer, and politician has amassed a large following since winning the Kyadondo East parliamentary seat. Since announcing his desire to run for Presidency, Bobi Wine has become the target for Ugandan security forces.

In the build-up to the election, in fact, Bobi Wine and other opposition leaders were frequently arrested.

Internet blackout

In addition, police sustained crackdowns and attacks on journalists, human rights defenders, and government critics. Security agents have also disrupted opposition rallies under the guise of enforcing COVID-19 restrictions.

The ongoing election takes place amidst a massive internet blackout in Uganda in most parts of the country. Other areas, meanwhile, report a significant slowdown in the service.

“Internet is completely shut down in Uganda, and media is censored,” Bobi Wine said, adding that that would not stop them from ending Museveni’s reign.

Furthermore, there is a heavy police presence in the capital, Kampala. The heavy military and police presence are to, reportedly, quell any violence that may arise.

However, Bobi Wine has revealed that he will reject today’s election results if the polls are not free and fair.

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