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US CDC issues travel advisory to Tanzania over COVID-19

The United States Centre for Disease Control has warned its citizens against travel to Tanzania over the coronavirus.

In a statement on Wednesday, the US CDC said that the risk of contracting the virus was high in Tanzania. They said that if one was to travel to Tanzania, then they needed to take all the necessary COVID-19 prevention protocols.

Tanzania is the only country in Africa that stopped issuing its COVID-19 updates. After announcing a few cases, President Magufuli stopped all announcements of the infections. He also threatened legal action to any person that reported of the disease’s presence in Tanzania. This directive did lead to the closure of some TV and radio stations in Tanzania over covering COVID cases.

Level 4 Alert

The US CDC issued a Level 4 Alert, which is Very High. This means that the rate of COVID-19 infection in Tanzania is at the highest.

Among the precautions that the CDC issued to American citizens was taking a viral test 1-3 days before travelling. It cautioned them against taking the trip before receiving their results.

It also called on them to get tested 3-5 days after landing in the US, then stay home for a further 7 days before going out to the public. The CDC also cautioned them against travelling if their results came back positive.

Second Advisory by the US

This advisory is the second the US has issued on Tanzania. The American Embassy in Tanzania issued the other one in May. It cautioned its citizens in Tanzania against going out for non-essential services, as well as taking precautions if they needed to go out.

But while we don’t know Tanzania’s COVID figure, the US is the worst-hit country by the pandemic. The country has over 13.8 million infections. It also has the highest number of deaths, with over 270,000 dead from the virus. So far, the US has hit 200,000 cases a day, the highest for a single country.

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