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Zimbabwe’s first batch of vaccines

Most South African nations are receiving vaccines from state-owned Chinese manufacturers. Health Minister and Vice President arrived in the early hours at Zimbabwe’s International airport to receive the first batch of the Sinopharm vaccines. Countries such as Egypt and Equitorial Guinea are among the first African countries to receive the vaccines.

The Vice President said,” It has not been lost on us that in times of need China’s response has been swift”.He said this as he described the bond between Zimbabwe and China. Zimbabwe’s donation is among the first in Afria.600,000 vaccines have been purchased and are expected to arrive early next month.

Among the first people to get the vaccines will be agents working at the border and health professionals. The local medicine control authority will first examine the vaccines before being issued to the public. China’s ambassador to Zimbabwe said the country is among the 58 countries that have received the vaccines. He added,” Zimbabwe is our brother, so the supply of vaccines to Zimbabwe is not a problem”.

Zimbabwe government says that they have budgeted for $100m for the vaccines. This is for at least 60 per cent of the population to receive the vaccines. They are targeting 1.8 million doses.

Zimbabwe will be the first African country to begin the immunization exercise if it begins the exercise next week. South Africa is yet to start after putting the campaign on hold. It is, however, not clear about the efficiency of the vaccine.

The country has been making efforts in dealing with the pandemic after recording 35,172 cases and 1,400 deaths. It is suspected that the President will announce a new lockdown.

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