Home News AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital to Retrench more than 200 Employees

AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital to Retrench more than 200 Employees

AIC Kijabe is a Mission Hospital located in Kiambu County Government with a population of 1000 and more workers. It has many facilities required in a hospital granting the capacity to undertake more than 200 operations every month, which include skin grafting, exploratory C-section, tubal litigation, among others.

This hospital is in the move of retrenching workers and intends to serve about 230 employees with termination letters next week on Tuesday 14th January.
This retrenchment will lead to an increase in the number of unemployed people in Kenya.

The retrenchment process will be effected in phases depending on different sections and personnel in the hospital. In the first phase, the support section will be served with termination letters, e.g. the laundry, housekeeping, hospitality and security personnel.

The other employees are afraid of the next move of the management and are all uncertain of their job security since they do not know the next targeted lot. Most of the support staff are locals in the surrounding of the hospital; hence this will adversely affect their livelihoods and the economy of the area.

There is speculation that this reduction is not in a way related to the hospitals’ income but with some selfish leaders in the hospital. Some of the board of directors and management team intends to outsource the services from companies of their friends where they can benefit comparing to hiring.

Outsourcing services might be expensive compared to expenditure on the remuneration of the support staff, and this may lead to more losses incurred in the income generated in the hospital.

There is a peaceful demonstration planned to take place on Wednesday 15th January from 9.00 am in condemning the retrenchment act and pleading reinstating those who will be affected by the hospital current decision.



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