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Aisha Jumwa fails to take plea for murder charge

On Thursday, Malindi member of parliament Aisha Jumwa and her aide Geoffrey Otieno pleaded not guilty to a murder charge.

The two appeared in a Mombasa court to face murder charges against Gumbao Jola, who died during havoc last year. The chaos ensued during the Ganda ward by-elections held on October 15 2019.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had requested for time to oppose the filing of a bond.

The duo denied the charges before Mombasa high court Lady Justice Njoki Mwangi.

Before serving lawyers of the accused, the two received two hours to file for a bond application.

However, on her part, the judge said she would not manage to rule on the bond today because she had material in her possession that required thorough probing.

Earlier on, justice Njoki Mwangi had to temporarily stop the court procession to allow the Director of Public Prosecutions to produce a mental assessment for Geoffrey Otieno, Ms Jumwa’s aide.

The judge additionally questioned the Malindi legislature’s mental note because it bore the signature of a psychiatrist who wasn’t practising nor conducting the assessments in Mombasa.

The prosecutors, however, explained that the signatures belonged to a retired medic and hence his colleague took care of the procedure since he is the one in charge.

Prosecutors Alloys Kemo and Jammy Yamina had requested the court to proceed with plea taking ahead of a pending report that was yet to be produced.

The judge, however, denied the request stating the report must be in court before the two received their charges.

Defence lawyers Clif Ombeta, Danstan Omari, and Jared Magolo read mischief ad demanded the immediate release of the document.

The prosecutors had no option but rush to their offices and produce the document.

The defence lawyers also requested the urged the court to release the two on a suitable bail term. They also accused the state of making the legislature’s life hard as she was also facing corruption charges.

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