Home News Aisha Jumwa slams female politicians over stance on BBI

Aisha Jumwa slams female politicians over stance on BBI

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has ruffled some political feathers after months of keeping it lowkey in the political space. The vocal member of parliament boldly called out female legislators who support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Jumwa expressed her shock at her female colleagues who have already signed in the BBI signature collection booklet. She further explained that the controversial document would abolish the post of Women’s representatives.

Being among the first women reps, Jumwa announced that she would not let the BBI scrap off the post.

She further claimed that the other posts being used to bribe the female legislators are not as powerful as that of a women rep. According to Jumwa, women representatives have a lot of work to do at the National Assembly. She also acknowledged that it is only in parliament that females are more likely to get more funding.

The former women rep also questioned why some current women representatives are supporting the seat’s abolishment, yet they are in that position. She further wondered whether some leaders fully understood the importance of having the seat.

“Why would you append signatures on a proposal that will render you jobless? Do they know what they are doing? I cannot allow Woman Representative post to leave the National Assembly because that is where there is some money to help women,” Jumwa stated.

The BBI proposes the abolishment of the women representative seat. Instead, it advocates that each county should produce two senators, one female, and one male.

The women’s rep seat came about to deal with the gender imbalance in parliament and also to address some of the issues vulnerable members of the community (women and children) face.

Some of the duties of a women rep include issuing out bursaries, advocating for girls and women’s rights in their county, and identifying projects that females can benefit from, among others.

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