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All set for BBI launch as opinions remain divided

The Building Bridges Initiative is set to launch today even as Kenyans continue to air varied opinions on the document.

The launch event will take place at the Bomas of Kenya dome, with expectations high.

Implementing constitution

The proposals by the BBI to add posts and give the President more powers has been the major talking points for its critics. Furthermore, the furthering of the document, when the government is yet to fully implement the constitution, has also been a point of critique for the BBI.

This will be the second launch of the BBI. The first launch was in November 26th, 2019. However, the document went back for review after that launch after coming under heavy scrutiny from critics.

Ruto’s tight spot

Then, there is the deliberate marginalisation of the Deputy President.
Deputy President, William Ruto, finds himself at a tight spot.

Having already shown his antagonism for the document, he now finds himself battling whether to go or not. Having already gathered steam, turning round and backing the BBI could take the sting out of his progress.

However, by refusing to attend, he could further make himself the target of pro-BBI, which could be worse if its passed.
In a recent rally, Ruto said that he had no problems backing the BBI as long as it included opinions of ‘ordinary Kenya.’

Reggae can be stopped – Ruto

Ruto appears particularly incensed by Raila’s assertion that ‘nobody can stop reggae’. Ruto called that assertion ‘the language of a dictator’.

“I want to tell those who are saying nobody can stop reggae that they have to give us a break and give his nation a chance to be able to discuss issues. With God in heaven, your reggae might be shocked.” Ruto said.

Ruto’s assertion comes in the same day that Raila hinted that he would be in the ballot come 2022.

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