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    Another era for Microsoft

    Microsoft has been dominating a large percentage of the pc market for decades now with its operating system, Windows operating system becoming the most widely used operating system. However, there are signs that Microsoft is aiming to make the world a global village after unveiling its Microsoft smartphone using windows 10 operating system. The Microsoft phone is compatible with android apps meaning Microsoft is looking forward to strengthening relationships with Android, a move that will bring both your pc and your smartphone closer to each other.
    The newly introduced Microsoft phone, on the other hand, has proven to be more advantageous to its users more than android or mac OS phones. This is due to several distinct features it offers over the other operating systems. The features include:

    1. Ability to make and receive phone calls from your pc: Just by acquiring the Microsoft phone in your pc, you can make any call or receive a call. This has aided many whenever they do not have their phones around them or whenever they are charging.
      Ability to project your phone screen into another screen: For Microsoft windows 10 phones, you can mirror the contents of your screen to a larger screen to be viewed by many or even to increase the visibility.
    2. Ability to view your recent photos from your phone in your pc: Microsoft phone can be able to be linked with your phone so that they can work as a unit. This feature can hence allow you access your phone’s gallery via your pc.
    3. Introduction of google assistant services everywhere there is a keyboard: Just like apple’s iPhone, Microsoft operating system is introducing a one-tap button in the home screen that allows the user to issue commands to the phone. For Windows 8, this feature was available only for Cortana searching, messaging and emailing.
    4. More quick actions: Unlike windows 8.1 phones, you can now access different applications thrice faster on windows 10 phones. Windows 8.1 only favoured four quick actions, but for windows 10, it has three rows each of such.
    5. Introduction of a new, fast browser: It is finally a relief for Microsoft phone users as windows phones developers are now introducing a new browser by the code name Project Spartan. This means that the long-reigning Internet Explorer browser is yet to be ditched.

    Once these features have been fully put in place, Microsoft is expected to dominate the smartphone market, offering stiff competition to the currently most predominant smartphone distributor in the market, Android.

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