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Another vehicle plunges into the Indian ocean

Barely two days after a tour bus plunged into the Indian ocean, a semi-trailer truck has also suffered the same fate.

In the wee hours this Wednesday morning, the semi-trailer truck lost control while boarding the MV Kilindini ferry on the mainland side. Consequently, the truck fell into the Indian ocean.

This incident occurred at 4.15 am. Luckily, the driver of the semi-trailer truck escaped unhurt.

Officials of the Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) confirmed the incident. One of them explained that the driver lost control when he hit the ferry’s prow. Therefore, the truck plunged into the ocean.

“The truck had one occupant who escaped unhurt. The salvage operation is underway,” a brief statement that Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) released reads in part.

The management of Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) also gave notice to users that there might be delays at the channel. This is because ferries were landing on one side of the ramp.

A tow truck arrived at the scene early in the morning to help retrieve the vehicle. However, they had to wait for the tidal movements to go down before pulling the truck out of the water.

Similar incident

Two days ago, a tour bus belonging to Pollman Tours and Safari Company also plunged into the sea. The bus was embarking from MV Jambo ferry on the mainland side of the channel.

Salim Omar, the bus driver, and his conductor John Omutere narrowly escaped death. Local fishermen and divers are the ones that rescued them.

A registered civil engineer, Mr. David Jomeli, said that KFS should redesign the steep ramp. This would ensure that vehicles do not plunge into the ocean.

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