Home News Babu Owino in trouble after his threat to shave Alice Wahome

Babu Owino in trouble after his threat to shave Alice Wahome

Yesterday, Babu made a Twitter and Facebook post threatening to shave Alice’s hair on every part of her body. He cited that the female policymaker had disrespected former Kenya Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, and the president Uhuru Kenyatta. The post had a photoshopped image of a locust with the face of Alice Wahome and was dubbed WAHO-NZIGE.

According to Babu Owino, he said that it was not a threat that he would go on to shave Alice if she does not respect the president and Raila Odinga.

However, Kenyans online were not pleased with his threat as they saw his language as disrespectful. Many netizens even asked him to bring the post down from his social media pages.

Esther Passaris, Nairobi Women Representative, was not pleased with what Babu posted. She even told Babu to pull down the post as he had no right to shave any other woman apart from his wife and if he continued with his threat he would face the law as that would be defilement.

Babu respect women. You can only shave your wife and not a fellow legislator, or any other woman without their explicit consent. Any action, on the contrary, will be an act of defilement,” Passaris responded.

Passaris felt that the threat was rude and demeaned Alice Wahome.
other netizens reactions were as follows:

Day in day out nothing to be proud of as a youth in this country. Politics is a Cancer no cure at all.” Kibet Felix

I pity those who chose you as their leader!! That’s not how you should advance your grievances?!!! The Uhuru u r fighting for is the one you worked tirelessly to stop from being president, in fact u once called him mtoto wa mbwa!!. Behave as a leader.” Erickoh Da Kelly.

Babu Owino has gone ahead to share a Bible post on his Facebook page addressing those who are fighting him.



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