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Big hospitals running out of ICU beds due to the covid-19 pandemic

Following the covid-19 pandemic, top hospitals in the country are running out of the ICU bed. Most facilities are currently overwhelmed because of the number of covid-19 patients who require admission.

This, despite the Ministry of Health advocating for home-based care in June, to reduce the number of coronavirus patients streaming into hospitals.

The number of covid-19 infections continues to increase daily with the country, recording high numbers.

Yesterday, the country recorded 247 cases after testing 4,147 people, bringing the total number to 7,188, of the 180,206 cumulative samples.

Number of beds in various hospitals

A source from the Aga Khan Hospital revealed that currently, the facility didn’t have empty beds at the ICU. On the other hand,  Nairobi Hospital has only three beds out of the eight in the ICU.

The Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral, and Research Hospital, with a 24-bed capacity, can only take eight patients. It’s patient to nurse ratio can’t allow the facility to take in more patients.

Doctors are in distress as they can’t treat their covid-19 patients efficiently since the bed capacity is ICU isn’t enough.

“I am looking for a place to admit a severely ill Covid-19 suspect case urgently. However, I can’t find a free ward. The Covid maternity ward full, Covid ward for the severely ill (IDU) is full, Covid medical ward for the less symptomatic patients is full, single ward rooms with oxygen points filled with suspected and confirmed Covid cases,” lamented one doctor.

On Friday, while releasing the covid-19 data, Health CAS Patrick Amoth said various hospitals in the country had admitted 29 patients in their ICU. Fifteen of them were oxygen while the remaining 14 on ventilators.

As it stands, covid19 units both at Mbagathi hospital and Kenyatta National capacity are filled.

If people fail to adhere to the containment measures, matatu and taxi drivers can quickly spread the virus to the population.

One doctor said he wishes Kenyans waiting to see a covid-19 patient before believing well.

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