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Boyfriend to murdered civil servant was a seminarian, family reveals

Officers finally unravelled the identity of the man found murdered in Government Quarters Jogoo road alongside that of his girlfriend and her son. His family revealed that he was a senior seminarian. He was waiting to graduate as a catholic priest.

Police officers discovered the body of Kevin Kipkoech in the house of Charity Cherop Cheboi, a civil servant who worked at the Ministry of Interior Coordination. The body of Charity and that of her son were also in the house.

Mr Kimaiyo, Kelvin’s father, expressed shock on realizing that his son was dead. He told news reporters that Kelvin was a seminarian.

“My son was a seminarian. All of us were expecting that he would start his missionary work as a Catholic Priest soon because he had just completed exams,” he said.

The family revealed that Kelvin studied at St Thomas of Aquinas Seminary School in Nairobi. Before his death, he was in his eighth year. Kelvin was to graduate as a catholic priest this year.

Kelvin’s family said that they expected him to go home on Saturday after completing his exams. His father said Kelvin called him on Friday, 19th February, requesting for fare. He sent the fare on Sunday and called to ask whether he had received the money. However, Kevin did not answer.

Kelvin’s mother said that when Kevin failed to answer his phone, they assumed he was already on his way home.

Charity’s family in mourning

Matthew Cheboi, Charity’s father, spoke to news reporters about his daughter. He said that she was very cheerful and hardworking. Charity last called him on Sunday.

“She called and told me that she was from church. At the time, she was buying some food before going back home. That was the last time we talked. On Tuesday, we received the devastating news from our relatives in Nairobi that my daughter and grandson were no more,” he said.

Both families said they were not aware that Kelvin and Charity were in a relationship. Detectives from the DCI are still investigating the murders.

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