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Breaking News: Israel Bombs Pro-Iranian Militia in Eastern Syria

An airstrike, allegedly from Israel, has hit Eastern Syria killing at least 8 fighters from Iraq’s Iran-backed Hashed al-Shaabi militia on the night of 9th January.

In a statement, Rami Abdel Rahman, who is the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, “Unidentified aircraft targeted vehicles and arms depots in the Albu Kamal area, causing a large explosion. At least eight Iraqi Hashed fighters were killed.”

He also claimed that several others were wounded.

There were speculations at first that the US was responsible for the attack. However, the nation denied carrying out the attack through a spokesman of the US-led military coalition operating in Syria and Iraq.

Abdel Rahman, a British-based activist who through their networks document the crisis in Syria, has backed up the claims stating that three villages in the Albu Kamal area have been targeted by drone strikes since Wednesday. That region is well-known for housing forces loyal to Tehran, but luckily then, there were no casualties reported.

There were loud explosions, on what is suspected to be an airstrike, at a base close to the Iraqi-Syrian border. The base was thought to be used by Shiite militias.

The strikes targeted a shipment of weapons to the Lebanese ‘terror’ group Hezbollah, according to a local news outlet DeirEzzor24. The weapons belonged to the Imam Ali Brigade, which is a Shiite militia, backed by the Iranian Popular Mobilization Forces umbrella.

No official communication has been made by Syria, Iraq, or Israel. In September 2019, there were large strikes that happened in the same area targeting weapon houses and transportation systems and were all attributed to Israel.

The strike comes a few days after a deadly US drone strike on Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis raised international heat.

The base, according to Israeli authorities, was overseen by Soleimani’s Quds Force as it was being used as a “land bridge” to transport weapons to and fro the Islamic Republic. It would seamlessly link Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

Moments after the strike, according to the Israeli military, the Shiite militia in Syria fired several rockets towards Mount Hermon on the Israeli Golan Heights. The projectiles did not, however, reach the target as they fell short of the border and landed on Syrian territory.

Israel views Iran as its greatest enemy (threat) and has accepted responsibility for numerous airstrikes it has had on Syria to prevent the transportation of weapons to the Iran-backed Hezbollah.

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