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Suspected thieves gunned down in Isinya by police

Thursday morning saw detectives from the Special Service Unit gun down armed robbers. Police in Isinya town battled it out with the seven suspects one by one.

Over the weekend, officers from SSU came in the area to monitor night gangs.  There has been an outcry from residents in the region over an upsurge in criminal activities.

The police trailed a vehicle with registration KCB 583L with suspicious individuals onboard. This is according to a report from the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

Further, the report states the individuals went against a direct order to stop. They instead, resorted to firing at the police officers. In turn, the police officers fired back to counter the attacks. Gun fires ensued until shooting dead of the seven thugs.

The incident happened at around 1.30 am Thursday morning.

At the crime scene, police recovered 7 mobile phones, a beret, two army jungle jackets, a pocket phone, three rounds of ammunition, and an assortment of crude weapons.

items from the crime scene

Speaking to Kenyan News, Pius Gitari, the unit boss said. “The gang moved to Isinya thinking it was a poorly manned area and staged various attacks. We are all over.”

The gunmen carried out a series of robberies that have in the past taken place in Isinya, Kitengela, Mlolongo, and Nairobi.

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