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Brother to woman purported to be late former MP Midiwo’s girlfriend says she’s happily married

Michael Arunga, brother to the woman going by the name Jacqueline who is said to be the late former Gem Member of Parliament Jakoyo Midiwo’s girlfriend, has put the record straight concerning their relationship.

According to a local publication, Arunga clarified that Jacqueline ended things a long time ago with the late MP and is currently happily married to a supportive partner.

Arunga and Jakoyo Midiwo have a son Allan Henry, and her brother said that her sister’s husband loves him as his own.

“My sister who shares a son with the late Midiwo is happily married and the boy’s step-father loves him dearly,” he said.

He went on to urge Allan to continue with his father’s legacy telling him to pick up the mantle as he had now handed the family to the right person.

Following Midiwo’s death on Monday 14 June this year, Jacqueline penned an emotional piece, and many believed she was his girlfriend.

In her heartwarming tribute, Jacqueline described the late Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) member as a jovial man with a big heart.

She went on to recall when their son Allan was graduating with his Master’s degree in 2017, Midiwo called him while they were shopping for his graduation gown.

She narrated that the late lawmaker asked to speak to her and went on to tell her that she was a great woman.

She said that Allan was a special gift he gave to her, and he has little traits in him, adding that she will always thank him and remember him through their son.

During his farewell ceremony on Thursday 24, his brother Professor Midiwo revealed that the seasoned politician died of acute renal failure.

Midiwo’s party leader Raila Odinga said that when he went to the ICU, he found him lying, and he appeared to be smiling.

He added that he thought he could talk to him, but he was dead, further adding that he did not know how to conduct himself.

Midiwo’s death was announced by ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale. The Opposition party eulogized him as a gallant son of the soil and a defender of the party who never shied away from speaking the truth.

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