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Bungoma Deputy Governornor assaulted by youths at Wetangula’s event

Youth in Bungoma County roughed up Deputy Governor Ngome Kibanani during the funeral of Bungoma Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chairperson, Jane Wachiye.

Mr Kibanani angered the youth by faulting Senator Moses Wetangula for allegedly misleading Bungoma residents.

He claimed that during the 2017 elections, Moses Wetangula declared that the Senate speaker was corrupt and not fit to hold public office. Additonally, he said that it was unfortunate Wetangula was now transversing the county with the Senate speaker and making plans to unseat the current Governor.

Agered by his statement, a section of youth who had attended the burial forcefullyt evicted him from the podium. The youth are allegedly Wetangula’s supporters.

At the same burial, MCA George Makari who is Wetangula’s supporter, made that the County Government is condoning corrupt dealings. A section of youth also forcefully ejected him from the podium.

On seeing the chaos, the family of the late Jane Wachiye decided to fasten the burial process. They hurriedly burried the remains of their loved one.

Concerned residents alerted police officers of the chaos. The officers intervened and managed to control the situation so that other politicians could address the mourners.

Commenting on the chaos, Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga asked politicians to be mindful of what they say during funeral services. He pointed out that funerals were not campaign grounds.

Similar incident

This incident comes just one day after irate youth beat up Saboti MP Caleb Amisi . The MP even threatened to resign after the incident.

Mr Amisi explained that he had gone to his constituency to launch an administration complex at Masinde Muliro Secondary School. While doing so, an irate crowd confronted him.

“I would not have gone to the police if I had not been beaten up. I was beaten and even injured and this should not continue,” the MP said.

Additionally, he said that he was considering handing in his resignation.

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