Home News Citizen TV's Trevor Ombija Hilariously Shuts Down Pressure to Get Marriage

Citizen TV's Trevor Ombija Hilariously Shuts Down Pressure to Get Marriage

  • Citizen TV anchor Trevor Ombija on Saturday, October 23, accompanied a friend of his to a Ruracio (dowry negotiations) ceremony in Mombasa.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Ombija confirmed that the occasion was a success having accomplished their task – taking the dowry at the home of the bride to be.

    Donning colourful African regalia, Ombija was part of the groom’s entourage together with NTV‘s Ken Mijungu.

    Citizen TV anchor Trevor Ombija at the Ruracio of his friend on Saturday, November 23
    Citizen TV anchor Trevor Ombija attended the Ruracio of his friend on Saturday, November 23.

    Moments after sharing pictures of the ceremony with the couple-to-be at Bahari Beach Hotel, comments flooded the anchor’s Instagram post with many wondering when he would be taking a wife too.

    Ombija jokingly dismissed the calls for him to tie the know soon stating, “As the chairman of all Ruracios, I had to witness my brother taking the big step and in the process launch the Mombasa chapter.

    “Love always wins. na msiniulize ile swali (don’t ask me that dreaded question)” he stated pre-empting the inevitable questions around when he would finally getting married.

    His colleagues led the charge asking him if there were nuptials coming up. Victoria Rubadiri proclaimed that she was eagerly waiting for an invite to his ceremony.

    Ombija on his part, stated, “Nitakuwa Chairman kwa yako pia (I’ll proudly be the chairman in your Ruracio committee) after you my friend. Pia wewe toa jam, haujaona numbers za census (You are holding up the wedding line, haven’t you seen the recent census numbers?)”

    Many others questioned when he was was getting married to which he responded, “Surely, mbona “hamskizi maagizo, maswali chungu nzima!” (Insert Coast accent) “Pilipili isiowasa inakiulia nini” (Insert Luo accent)”

    (Why are you people following the instructions? You are asking the same question I mde clear I didn’t want to answer. Why should other people’s business bother you?”) he posed.

    Some of the reactions on revor Ombija's post.
    Some of the reactions on Trevor Ombija’s post on Sunday, November 24.

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