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County government accused of favouring tycoon in City demolitions

Residents in Milimani Estate in Kisumu County have accused the county government of being discriminative in the ongoing demolitions which are taking place in the posh estate.

According to the locals, the county government deliberately avoided bringing down property marked for demolitions since it reportedly belonged to a renown tycoon.

The demolitions exercise followed after the county government issued a notice of demolition to owners of Kisumu/Block 8/259 and Kisumu/Block8/211 on December 17, 2020.

They further claimed that the county government spared the property belonging to one Jayesh Patel, who is a tycoon, and only demolished a wall when his property blocked a 3-metre pathway on Jobita Road in Milimani estate.

“Several people have suffered due to the ongoing demolitions in the city. Why are some people given the opportunity to be heard after it is found that they encroached on public land?” one of the angered residents posed.

However, in his response, the tycoon claimed that he had purchased the property a decade ago and that he was not aware that the land encroached on a public road.

Kisumu City manager, Abala Wanga, noted that he had visited the site and confirmed that Patel’s building encroached on the land that was meant for the public road but, however, noted that the land had been sealed off because of security reasons.

In a letter dated December 17, 2020, Kisumu County Director of Surveys Rogers Kobado indicated that, following a survey of the road, it was established that the three-meter-wide pathway cut through parcel numbers listed for demolitions.

The letter, however, further stated that a block fence had been built sealing off the road.

‘’By this letter, I hereby confirm that the proprietor can be addressed to open the right of access as defined by this official map,” the letter read.

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