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    17-Year old boy murdered and dumped in a swimming pool

    Tragedy has hit Machakos academy after a 17-year old boy was found dead in a swimming pool. Joseph Munuve, a student at the school was found floating in the schools swimming pool on January 5th 2020. At first information from the police had it that the boy died after drowning in the swimming pool

    New information has however emerged that the boy was killed before being drowned. The result from the postmortem done by a specialist has brought about the turn of events. In the postmortem results, the results showed that the boy had been struggled before death.

    Police have however launched a new investigation. Following the current investigation, three suspects have already been arrested in conjunction with the murder. The three were arrested yesterday and are suspected to have been within the school at the time of the murder. Confirming the incident, the Machakos Deputy Inspector of Police Rhoda Kanyi has stated that the arrested suspects are the school watchman, the security manager and the swimming pool manager.

    “When postmortem was done on the boy it revealed that he struggled before his body was thrown into the swimming pool. The suspects are helping in the investigation on how his body showed up in the school’s swimming pool,” said Rhoda Kanyi. The DCIO has further called upon members of the public to collude with the police in finding out the murderer.

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