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8 die of mysterious illness in Kakamega

Shina village residents in Kakamega County are living in fear after a mysterious illness killed eight people in the last month.

Local authorities confirmed that 8 residents had succumbed to the mysterious illness. However, they are yet to establish its cause.

The deceased had several symptoms, including; swollen hands, painful blisters, and itchy rashes. Doctors tried to save them, but they succumbed to complications.

There were rumors in the village that a witch doctor had caused the mysterious disease. He had allegedly cast a spell after someone stole traditional alcohol from one of the homesteads.

“The ones that are sick drank chang’aa that had been stolen from the home. After it was stolen, the homeowner threatened to consult a witch doctor. People are scared because they believe it is about witchcraft,” one of the villagers claimed.

Antony Wiraka was one of the victims. His family is currently making arrangements for his burial. His wife, Violet, told the media that Antony’s hands started swelling and turned black.

“Antony started acting strangely. He told me he was sick and feared he would die. He was in so much pain and even threatened suicide,” she narrated.

Another Victim was Wycliffe Shivachi. He suddenly developed rashes on his hands. He went to the hospital, but the rashes never responded to treatment. His widow, Claire Musanga, said that they do not know the cause of death to date, yet he died on 9th March.

“He died suddenly. We do not know the cause of death,” she lamented.

Health officials are still trying to figure out the cause of the mysterious illness.

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