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Boda boda riders flush out two patients and kill them in front of police officers

Angry boda boda operators flushed out two patients from the hospital and killed them in front of helpless police officers. The incident occurred in Karatina town, Nyeri county.

According to the angry cyclists, the two individuals had killed six boda boda operators in the region.

In a rare show of solidarity, the group stormed Karatina hospital, overpowered the police and security officers before protecting the two, who the officers saved earlier.

The mob proceeded to beat them up mercilessly before setting their bodies on fire, while police officers watched on the sidelines helplessly.

However, one suspect managed to escape the wrath of the angry boda bodas and remain under tight security within the hospital premises.

Following the incident, an additional team of police officers was dispatched to the area.
The mob’ wrath comes after the heinous killing of motorcycle operators within the last six months.

The drama unfolded earlier in the day after the mob intercepted the three individuals and started beating them up.

However, police officers received a tip regarding the incident and rushed to the area. They dispatched the rowdy crowd and escorted the victims to the Karatina level IV hospital.

Unsatisfied with the outcome, the angry mob proceeded to the suspect’s homes in Ndaroini village, outskirts of Karatina town and set their houses ablaze.

After torching the houses, the group consisting of more than 100 people matched to the hospital. They forcefully flushed out two of the suspects.

They dragged them outside the hospital compound, beat them up before setting them on fire.

Efforts by the two officers protecting them fell on deaf ears despite shooting in the air. The boda boda operators remained undeterred by the shooting.

James Barasa, the Mathira East Police boss, confirmed the incident. He stated that the mob overpowered the security officers, together with members of the public who didn’t take the killing of the other six lightly.

“It’s true the two have been flushed from the hospital and killed by operators. They managed to do this unlawful act after overpowering our officers. However, we have managed to save one of the suspects who is currently being treated,” said Barasa

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