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Drama after unknown men try stealing mace from Nyandarua assembly

Drama was witnessed at the Nyandarua assembly after a group of men in black attempted to steal the mace on Tuesday afternoon.

The group stormed the chambers before trying taking off with the Speaker’s mace.

According to reports, the incident happened after the county assembly members unanimously passed the 2020 Constitution Amendment Bill.

The group consisting of five huge men tried stealing the mace before a fistfight ensued. A fight broke out between two factions allied to Governor Francis Kimemia and impeached Speaker Ndegwa Wahome.

MCAs, who associated closely with Wahome didn’t take it lightly after the court upheld his impeachment. The incident caused MCAs to hire goons in a bid to disrupt the assembly’s afternoon procession.

The MCAs hoped the move would prevent deputy speaker Zachary Njeru from leading the house business.

A mace represents the Speaker’s authority within the chambers. The assembly cannot fully meet the debate or pass a law without its presence.

Police came in after about half an hour of the altercation in the assembly. A close ally of Wahome, Gatimu member of the county assembly Kieru Wambu was arrested in the process.

Ednard King’ori, the assembly’s majority leader, told the police that men in black forced their way into the assembly at around 2:30 pm.

“We were in a meeting when we got notice of the attack within the assembly. On rushing to the assembly, we found men dressed in black suits trying to steal the mace,” said King’ori.

He requested those protesting the Speaker’s removal to respect the meeting. Following the incident, MCAs allied to governor Kimemia have vowed to camp within the assembly’s premises.

Before the raid by men in black, a Nakuru court had earlier upheld Wahome’s impeachment, who is also in charge of the County Assemblies Forum.

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