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Gang clash in Nakuru leaves two people dead

A gang attack in Nakuru has left two people dead, according to area police.

The attack, which took place on Saturday evening in Kivumbini Estate, Nakuru County, was a result of two rival gangs fighting over territory. According to area residents, the two people killed were members of a gang, killed by the rival gang.

Gang of thirty

As narrated by witnesses, the gang of about thirty young men stormed into the estate at around 4 P.M as it rained heavily. The group attacked the two with knives as shocked residents watched in horror. The two died on the spot from multiple stab wounds.

Nakuru Town East Sub-County Police Commander, Ellena Kabukuru, said that they had deployed police into the area following the incident.

‚ÄúPolice are investigating the killings and tracking down the attackers to ensure normalcy returns,” She said to the media.

John Kimani, an area resident, told the Nation that the attack followed threats that the gang had issued. Kimani said that they had heard rumours that the gang would attack the area and kill people, but had not given a specific date.

Rising insecurity

The new attack comes just a week after another young man also suffered a similar fate to the two. The young man died in the hands of assailants and had just been buried recently.

A recent crackdown also led to the death of another 22-year-old man. According to residents, the attacks may be the work of the criminal gang, ‘Confirm’, which operates with impunity in Nakuru County. The group has a presence in Kivumbini, Flamingo, Kaloleni, Bondeni, Lake View and Kwa Rhoda estates.

A recent investigation led to the arrest of 10 of the gang members in Siaya, where they were hiding. The members had fled into the area after learning that the police were on their trail.

Outlawed groups in Kenya have become a significant security threat to the public, especially during the election period.

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