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Government to set up Blue Economy centre worth 1.1 Billion in Kwale

The Government of Kenya in partnership with Kwale County will put up a historic East African Centre of Excellence for Blue Economy in Waa Ng’ombeni ward.

The centre which will be set up at Kitsakamatsa on a 40-acre land, will cost 1.1 Billion. The centre will train and produce specialists with new skills & new interventions in the blue economy sector.

Residents in the County will also benefit as they will be employed to work during the construction of the centre. More locals are expected to earn employment after the centre starts its operations.

Blue economy entails sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improving livelihoods and creating jobs.  At the same time, it should achieve all its targets by preserving the ocean ecosystem.

Kwale Governor, Salim Mvurya says they are working towards finalizing the registration of the land where the centre will be put up.

“We consented to put up the Centre of Excellence in Kwale after a sequence of meetings between the county government and the national government. We firmed up the discussion together with Principal Secretary Prof. Kevit Desai of State Department for East African Community,” 

Mvurya added that their target will be to mold more scholars who will be directed towards the Blue economy.

“Our zeal to spur levels of education remain steadfast and our focus on having more academicians in the blue economy is vivid,” he added.

Students across East Africa will benefit from the centre and its constructions will commence once the land is cleared.

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