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Lamu man jailed for twenty years for chopping off neighbor’s fingers

A man in Lamu county will face 20 years in jail after a Lamu court found him guilty of causing grievous harm.

Omar Yakub Athman chopped off four fingers of Mr Athman Omar Athman’s left hand. The incident happened on 29th April 2019 in Tchundwa Village in Lamu East. His actions were contrary to Section 234 of the Penal Code.

When officers arraigned him in court before Lamu Principal Magistrate Allan Temba, he denied the charges. Omar’s plea of ‘not guilty’ prompted the Director of Public Prosecutions to call witnesses. Prosecution counsel Zacharia Kiongo and Eddie Kadede facilitated the entire process

The incident

The victim, Mr Athman Omar Athman, had gone to assist his friend only identified as Hamza to collect stones. The two were collecting stones from Hamza’s compound in Tchundwa village.

While collecting stones, the two saw a male and a female donkey rushing into the compound. They entered into Hamza’s house and came out running the same way they had gone in.

The accused later came into the compound asking for a donkey saddle. The victim told him that they had not seen any donkey saddle. Infuriated by the victim’s answer, the accused questioned what the victim’s intentions were. The victim responded by saying that he had nothing to do with a donkey saddle.

The accused person left and came back with a panga in hand. Without saying anything, he aimed at the victim’s head. While trying to defend himself, the victim blocked the panga with his hand. His fingers got chopped off in the process.

The victim tried to run but the accused chased after him and slashed him on the left pelvis area. The victim managed to rush into a neighbour’s house who rushed him to hospital. After getting medical attention, he reported the matter to a police station.

Lamu Principal Magistrate Allan Temba pronounced the accused guilty as charged and sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

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