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Migori County announces stringent COVID containment measures as cases surge

The Migori County Government has announced beefing up COVID-19 containment measures as the county witnesses a surge in cases.

The move to announce more stringent measures came after the county detected four cases of the coronavirus variant from India. The variant is easily transmissible and has been resulting in more severe COVID-19 illnesses in patients.

Deaths double in a month

In a joint press statement, Governor Okoth Obado and the County Commissioner said they had seen a spike in COVID-19 deaths and cases in the county.

“Since the COVID-19 outbreak last year, we would record an average of a death a month. But since May 1st (2021), we have reported 21 deaths, which is more than double the 40 Migori has seen recorded since we began putting numbers,” Obado said.

“We have recommended new measures which will involve each multi-sectoral players as we are afraid of a new wave which may see the virus mutate further.”

Bars, hospitals on the spot

The County Commissioner, Cherutich, said they planned to put a committee from the ward to the sub-location level. These groups would take tests and temperature on roadblocks into and out of the county, both within and from Tanzania.

They also put bars and hospitals flouting COVID-19 public health guidelines on the spot.

“We have bars and drinking spots that have been operating beyond curfew ours and packing revelers. We have blacklisted them and will break them by revoking their licenses,” Cherutich said.

They stated that no hospital would be allowed to keep bodies past the 72 hour-time before burial on the hospital matters.

Concern in the lakeside

Migori joins neighbouring Siaya and Kisumu as the Lakeside counties witness a surge in COVID-19 cases. Covid cases in the counties have been shooting upwards since Kisumu confirmed having detected the coronavirus variant from India.

Already, new COVID-19 cases have seen a sharp rise in hospital admissions in Kisumu and Siaya, with a corresponding increase in deaths.

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