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Mombasa County bans live music performance amid rise in Covid-19 cases

Mombasa County has banned all live music and band performances in a bid to curb the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the coastal region.

The County Public Health Chief Officer Pauline Oginga said bars and clubs have become notorious for flouting set Covid-19 guidelines thus leading to an uptrend in the number of positive cases.

“It has come to our attention that bars and clubs have ceased observing the set Covid-19 measures, with some hosting live bands and shows which is totally contrary to the given regulations. This will result in a surge that will force businesses to close and hence loss of jobs,” Ms. Oginga said.

According to Ms Odinga, Mombasa County and the whole of the coastal region relies on income from the tourism industry, and that can only be sustained if both residents and guests adhere to the Health Ministry’s guidelines on Covid-19.

She noted that bars and clubs found to be operating with no respect to the new guidelines will be forced to close and their licenses revoked.

“It is our responsibility to keep the County safe and so we expect bars and club owners to ensure they observe Covid-19 measures which include; no live performance. However, failure to comply will result in the closure of these premises,” she said.

Bar Owners Association Secretary Kennedy Mumbo urged entertainment places to play music and not invite live performances which may make the areas hard to control.

Speaking to Nation Africa, Mr Mumbo said that live performances are good but just not at this time since it is hard to control a drunk crowd and have them put on their masks and maintain the required distance.

“Live bands are not good for the revelers. Once they are drunk you cannot control them. A person who has taken one for the road may not be controlled or be able to wear his or her mask and maintain social distance,” he said.

“We have to be within the law to ensure we win. If we continue behaving the way we are we will end up losing.We should stop live perfomances in our bars and clubs since it is clear that when one is under the influence, it becomes hard to conrol themselves and those around them,” Mr Mumbo added.

Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho on April warned that the county was staring at a total lockdown should the residents continue flouting guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and the Mombasa County Covid-19 Emergency Response Committee.

“For us to be able to defeat the virus, there are things the government can do and those that the public needs to do. Don’t think that by evading the regulations, you are smart,” Governor Joho warned.

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