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Mombasa suspends COVID vaccination as vaccines run out

Mombasa County on Friday suspended the COVID-19 vaccination drive after running out of vaccine doses.

Speaking to Nation Africa on Friday, the County Health Communications Director, Richard Chacha, said that they would wait for new doses from KEMSA, which also had depleted its stock.

However, Chacha noted that they expected to resume the exercise on Monday when they would receive a new batch.

Vaccine depleted in hospitals

“We have suspended the COVID-19 vaccination due to inadequate vaccine,” Chacha said, “We expect to resume the process on Monday after receiving another batch.”

The Monday process will be for those set to receive their second dosage of the vaccine, with the County having received over 32,000 doses from the Ministry of Health. The new batch, Chacha said, would come from North-Eastern, where uptake remains very low.

“They will take vaccines not being used in other counties, such as North-Easter region where the uptake is very low. The expiry date is nearing,” Chacha explained.

High uptake in vaccination

In some encouraging news, Chacha said they had depleted their vaccine doses after a high vaccination uptake among the county residents.

Mombasa is one of Kenya’s hardest-hit counties by COVID-19. After the start of vaccination in March, uptake in Mombasa and other coastal counties had been relatively low.

However, so far, Mombasa County has seen over 29,000 people get their COVID-19 vaccination. Most of those vaccinated are people above 58 years old, followed by health workers.

Drop in cases, deaths from COVID

This rise in the vaccinated population could then be the reason for the decline in infections and deaths in Mombasa County.

The County was among the worst-hit in the early days of the pandemic, often exchanging top spot with Nairobi in daily infections.

However, while the County reported a concerning 47 new COVID cases on Thursday, it was only fourth in hardest-hit counties. Nairobi, Kisumu, and Busia all reported more infections than Mombasa.

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