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    MP Manje dismisses Lenku’s claim on county jobs

    “I always consulted him, including in naming my cabinet and other jobs.

    “Unfortunately, he gave those opportunities to members of his family. He betrayed me,” Lenku claimed.

    Manje claimed that after Lenku was elected in 2017, he (governor) has never had anything to do with the people of Kajiado North and when he realised that elections are near he started following him.

    “I cannot work with people who have looted this county with no regard to the sick in hospitals,” claimed Manje.

    The Kajiado North MP claimed Lenku started calling him and other communities in Kajiado North names after former governor David Nkedianye took him as his gubernatorial running mate.

    “He has realised that he will be missing out on the people of Kajiado North votes he received in 2017, and so he has turned to the theatrics that will not even secure the votes he wants this time around,” said Manje.

    Manje asked Lenku to name the relatives he claims to have been given jobs, adding that he has a list of Lenku’s relatives who are helping in looting the county resources.

    The legislator called on the Kajiado voters to make an informed decision when they go to the ballot on August 9 and elect leaders who will be focused on their welfare and the development of the county and not war-mongers.

    “Kajiado is now a cosmopolitan county and all that the residents of this region want is cohesion and good working relation with everyone,” said Manke. 

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