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Nairobi Health CEC denies attending meeting when drunk

Hitan Mjevdia, the Nairobi County Healthy Services, has denied claims he attended a Senate Health Committee meeting in a bathrobe when drunk.

The embattled CEC dismissed the alleged rumours saying he has never taken alcohol nor a glass of wine in his life.

Michael Mbito, Trans Nzoia senator, the committee chairperson, directed the CEC to leave the meeting because of his dress code.

The CEC said he was wearing Indian attire and not a robe as stated.

“I had adorned a pashmina shawl and not a bath robe as purpoted. The fact that it is maroon in color made people think it was a bathrobe,” explained the CEC.

He went on and confirmed the Zoom meeting proceeded as scheduled.

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services and Nairobi County Government converged to answer the Senate Health Committee regarding queries raised by the Auditor-General about Covid-19 funds expenditure.

The committee also raised questions about the absence of other county government member, including deputy governor Anne Kananu.

Justus Musumba, the County Secretary, responded by saying that they didn’t receive an official invite to the meeting.

“I wrote to the health committee clerk on whether the county government should appear but didn’t get an answer,” said Musumba.

In August 2018, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko suspended the County Health Director and Hitan for poor health conditions in the county.

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