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NMS set to conduct Green Park test run from 4-8 PM Friday evening

The Nairobi Metropolitical Service will conduct its Green Park Terminal test on Friday, May 28, from 3 PM to 8 PM.

In a notice to the daily newspaper, the NMS said that all PSVs that operate from the Nairobi Railway Station would do the test run in the designated time.

Decongesting project

The NMS recently completed the Green Park Terminal, one of the projects it said was a move to decongest the Nairobi Central Business District.

“This NOTICE therefore, informs the general public that all PSVs that operate from the NAIROBI RAILWAY STATION FRONTAGE will conduct a test run of dropping and picking passengers at the Green Park Terminal (formerly Lunar Park) on Friday, 28th, May, 2021, between 4.00 PM and 8.00 PM.

“Thereafter, normal pick up and drop off operations will continue from the Nairobi Railway Station frontage until further notice.”

Evening test run

This is the second test run that the NMS is conducting on the Green Park Terminal. The NMS conducted its first test run of the terminal on April 27. At that time, they performed the test in the morning as they gauged the flow of traffic during the morning rush hour.

The Green Park Terminal is one of many stages that the NMS is building outside the CBD in its ‘De-congestion Strategies.’ These all fall under the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan (NIUPLAN).

The NMS has called the current phase of the Green park Terminal the transition phase. The tests will see all stakeholders assess the level of preparedness before they officially commission the facility.

Modern bus park

The Green Park Terminal, the NMS said, will feature a police station, a level 2 Hospital and restaurant, a supermarket, taxi, bodaboda, and breakdown bays. The facility will also have walkways for pedestrians and cycleways for cyclists.

However, a section of the city residents remains skeptical of the idea, with many calling for improved public transport as the best way to decongest the city.

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